About the Nelson De La Nuez Brands

                                                        Artist....Designer...Internationally Renown

Nelson De La Nuez's art has been coveted and highly collectible in the art world for many years; A pop artist who creates original, thought provoking art considered contemporary pop culture.
He is listed in the "Who's Who List of the Most Collected Artists of Our Time" and has partnered with some of the most desirable, prestigious brands from the worlds of fashion, accessories, home decor, travel and more to create the "Nelson De La Nuez" Collections in partnership with their designer names.

Nelson De La Nuez corum watches designer brands pop artist king of pop artHe lends his talents as an artist and a designer and never believes in stopping at "good enough," but needing perfection when it comes to how his art is laid out on products and how the colors will ultimately look on the final products.

De La Nuez creates specifically for the products and the brands, being involved every step of the way, making sure his name and the companies he partners with will be left with high quality, luxury items they are all proud of.

"Designing for other products has just become an extension of my artwork...I love to see what other sorts of "canvases," such as luggage or high end watch (corum Bubble) for example, work well with my art and the colors. It's not about just taking already existing art and placing it on products. The art needs to be properly manipulated for each product's size and type and often, I will create new art specifically for a collection, if it calls for that," explains De La Nuez. 

I am very involved in the process and have final approval on how everything looks.  Ultimately, it's my name and my art attached to the collection so I take great pride in how it all looks."