De La Nuez Sound Panels

Picture Panels partnered with pop artist Nelson De La Nuez to be able to offer
interior designers and architects around the globe the
dramatic visual presentation of De La Nuez artwork on sound proof sound panels.

Any space filled with noise can now utilize the sound panel systems and the sound value that comes with them.
They have merged science and art.

Click here to download De La Nuez PDF

Picture Panel sound panels target the loudest market places, such as: restaurants, nightclubs and bars,
also a great look for home theaters.. 

The sound panels are custom tailored to please the eyes and the ear.
Wall or ceiling mounted, the sound panels will control crowd noise, lower decibel level exposure,
produce more favorable musical tones, deliver greater clarity to speech and intimacy to your environment.

All sound panels are purchased through Picture Panels company,
but you may inquire for further info here or download PDF on De La Nuez Picture Sound Panels here:

Click here to download De La Nuez PDF

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